Department of Magical Practice (Gold)

Illustration by Miles Pinkney

Welcome to the World of Magickal Practice! This Department includes the practical foundational basics and magickal hardware: theory, tools, regalia, your sanctum sanctorum, principles of correspondences, signs, symbols, spells and charms.

It is the mission of this Department to help the student acquire the essential tools, both physical and conceptual, to make his or her magick effective. As we are in essence an interdisciplinary Department, we also refer to and contribute to the studies of other Departments in service to our main objective. Our class topics will include magickal theory, wizardly and general magickal tools, regalia, the sanctum sanctorum, correspondences, signs, symbols, spells and charms.

The color of magick associated with this Department is Gold, reflecting the masculine energies of strength, leadership, and vitality. Gold represents the color of the Sun, the sign of Leo, adolescence, joy, fruitfulness and nobility. Men of magick often prefer tools, amulets and jewelry made of gold, bronze, or brass.

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