Department of Psychic Arts (Aqua)

Welcome to the World of Psychic Arts! Meditation is the basis of most of the Eastern disciplines of magick and Wizardry. Properly used, meditation opens the door to individual growth and personal advancement. This Department also includes all forms of psychic development, dreamwork, and “pathworking.”

It is the mission of this department to help students develop their ability in “mind magicks.” Meditation is crucial for the Western Wizard who wishes to learn to master and focus the power of the Will. The power of the Will is the force behind effective magick. Classes will draw upon the wisdom of many cultures.

The color of magick for this Department is Aqua, representing all “Mind Magicks,” such as meditation and psychic attunement. Associated with Friday and the planet Venus, Aqua is an excellent hue for peacefulness and profound reflection.

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