Clubs & Other Activities

The Grey School offers many organized and freeform opportunites to socialize. We have a diverse selection of social forums, clubs, and a newspaper. The forums provide a venue for people to gather. The Great Hall includes areas for General Chatter, Prefects and Captains, Challenges, a Bardic Circle, and much more. Office forums provide access to the Administrators and other positions. Houses and Lodges have their own forums, plus separate Youth and Adult forums for mingling. There are Departmental and other forums as well.

Clubs allow members to explore interest in a special area outside of Classes. They also provide venue for students and faculty to socialize, share information and plan projects related to their club's theme. Every club must have a Faculty Advisor and at least three members, and may create a forum. Clubs customarily have student officers, too; each club may determine its own offices and the process for filling them. Club elections are held twice a year, for six-month terms.

The Annual Earth Day Challenge

Defense Against the Dark Arts Club

The Defense Against the Dark Arts Club shares experiences, readings, reviews, and ideas relating to shielding, cleansing, wards, and other protective practices. We tell stories of our brushes with hexes, ghosts, and other such interesting things.

Diggers In Real Time (D.I.R.T.)

Do the words compost, root hormone, and manure set your heart to going pitter-patter? Do you love nothing more than sinking your face into a bower of flowers? (Oops--watch out for the honeybees!) Do you sit beside a garden row, watching for your veggie seeds to poke their heads out above the warm Earth? If so, this may be the club for you! We're sponsored by the Department of Nature Studies, and we aim to explore all the different types of gardening. Whether veggies, container gardens, apple trees, flowers, water gardens, window boxes, bonsai, or herbs, we'll grow it here!

The Fellowship of Magickal Arts and Wizardly Crafts

Healer's Tea Room

Welcome to the Healer's Tea Room, a spacious room, filled with comfortable chairs, overstuffed couches and plenty of small tables topped with an oddly mismatched assortment of tea-and saucer sets. Take the time to visit and discuss all manner of Healing Magick.

The Lorekeeper's Guild

The Lorekeeper's Guild seeks to explore in detail the factual and mythological Lore and History of Earth, incorporating the Archaeological / Anthropological study of its cultures and their beliefs. Coupled with the Lore and History of Earth, we are to examine Fantasy / Fiction works, past and present, and debate what can be classified as Lore, and whether the wisdom found in fantasy/fiction can be held as valid theorems on Lore and Arcane Mystery.

Society for the Study and Care of Beasts

This club undertakes the study of all sorts of mundane and magickal beasts. Do you love critters, magickal and mundane? This is the spot for you!

Tower of Babel Language Club

This club's purpose is to get students involved in languages; both the conversational side and incorporating the language into Wizardry. This will be a big topic -- the other half of the club's discussions, as this is a school of Wizardry. We will work on whatever any student's linguistic interest arises. So the main theme is the topic of languages and having fun and developing a love for them!

Outdoor Club

This brand new club will focus on camping, hiking, outdoor cooking, and all sorts of other outdoor skills.