About Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

From Amazon.com:

With contributions and additional material from Raymond Buckland, Raven Grimassi, Patricia Telesco, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, and other illustrious members of the Grey Council, here is the book Merlin would have given a young Arthur...if only it had existed.

This essential handbook contains everything an aspiring Wizard needs to know. It is illustrated with original art by Oberon and friends, as well as hundreds of woodcuts from medieval manuscripts and alchemical texts, charts, tables, and diagrams. It also contains biographies of famous Wizards in history and legend; detailed descriptions of magickal tools and regalia (with full instructions for making them); spells and workings for a better life; rites and rituals for special occasions; a bestiary of mythical creatures; systems of divination; the Laws of Magick; myths and stories of gods and heroes; lore and legends of the stars and constellations; and instructions for performing amazing illusions, special effects, and many other wonders of the magickal multiverse.

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