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vGSW Virtual Campus Real Learning

Take your Grey School experience one step further by enrolling in vGSW! Experience the sense of actually "being here" without the added expense or inconvenience that travel requires.
vGSW's mission is to offer students synchronous classes, lectures, demonstrations, and extracurricular activities in a way that encourages active participation in the learning process while fostering a stronger sense of community and cultivating student creativity.
vGSW is an optional, low-cost, supplementary program featuring a private virtual campus located in Second Life. Enrollment and access to vGSW grounds and resources is available to all adult students who are concurrently enrolled in our main web-based program. Before being accepted to the program and granted access to the campus, students must have successfully completed Technomagick 100 and the vGSW orientation class.
Classes taught at vGSW are taught live in a stunning simulated 3D environment, and may utilize any combination of text, voice, slideshows, and video during lecture periods. vGSW teachers answer student questions during or after class, just as do teachers in brick and mortar institutions. Meeting spaces are provided for students to arrange live study groups. The combination of a striking virtual campus environment and synchronous activities results in a more personal, enhanced learning experience.
  vGSW offers the following benefits:
  • Live lectures
  • Real-time classes and exams
  • Immediate responses from teachers during class
  • Automatic note taking
  • Engaging solo educational activities
  • Live award presentations and commencement ceremonies
  • Synchronous competitions and events
  • Stunning meeting spaces for both study and socializing
  • Lodge common rooms
  • Virtual conclaves for those unable to attend our regional ones
  • Open and affirming environment
  • A fully immersive and entertaining atmosphere in which to learn and grow

vGSW may be right for you if:
  • You value rapid feedback
  • You are a kinesthetic learner
  • You prefer real-time interaction
  • You believe learning should be fun
  • You love technology